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From: Helen and Eric Wong

To: All Friends of Fran!

On this page you can get everything below for a special discount of $20 off the regular price for friends of my sis (in law) Fran!

My hubby (Fran’s little bro Mick) and I created these books to help people learn how to make healthy desserts and learn more about healthy nutrition in the process!

So for all friends of Fran, we’ve setup a special price. Simply hit the Add to Cart button at the bottom of this page and once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll get instant access to all of the materials we’ve created.

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– Helen aka “The Dessert Angel” and Eric (Mick)

The Dessert Angel’s
Heavenly Recipe Guide

It’s a collection of the very best healthy dessert recipes I’ve created that will help you satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your diet.

Inside, you’ll find delicious and healthy desserts in 7 different sections:

Healthy Desserts in the Guide
These Are Pictures Of The Actual Fat-Burning Desserts You’ll Soon Be Enjoying!

There are enough decadent desserts in this guide to keep you coming back for more. And more. And MORE!

And you’re not just getting these decadent and healthy dessert recipes…

Here’s what else you’re getting when you order today:

Component #2: The Dessert Angel’s Guide to
Losing Weight…
 And Keeping It Off!

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off 

Inside this 54 page guide you’ll discover:

  • The Dessert Angel’s 5 Tips for Delicious Dieting – After you discover my 5 Tips for Delicious Dieting, you’ll never have to suffer on a “deprivation diet” again!
  • The 6 Deadly SINgredients – Every typical dessert and even most “healthy” desserts contain at least 2 of the SINgredients… SINgredients sap your energy, screw up your hormones and sabotage your diet to make it impossible to lose weight… Worst of all is that even some ‘healthy’ desserts and treats have these ingredients too! Once you’ve identified the SINgredients, you’ll never sabotage your diet or physique again.
  • The Dessert Angel’s Divine Ingredients – These ingredients not only make yummy desserts but also help you slim down, contribute to hormone balance, keep you young and give you boundless energy. Each and every Dessert Angel recipe contains some of the Divine Ingredients and NONE of the SINgredients.

Component #3:The Dessert Angel’s Healthy
Kitchen Quick Start Checklist

The Dessert Angel's Healthy Kitchen Quick Start Checklist Is Included

This handy one page check list will get you started on the path towards healthy desserting with all of the Divine Ingredients to stock your pantry with and the SINgredients to get rid of to ensure you’re making the healthiest, fat burning desserts ever!

SPECIAL BONUS:The Dessert Angel’s
Perfect Workout Recovery Treats

If you exercise, then you might know that your post-workout nutrition is an important factor in making sure you get the best results possible. Studies have shown that consuming a 1:2 to 1:4 protein to carb ratio with minimal fat is the ideal workout recovery meal.

Each of the 6 tasty treats in this cook booklet has the ideal ratio and minimal fat. Plus they’re portable and tasty!

So if you want a break from shakes after your workouts or just something you can easily take with you to the gym, you’ll love these Perfect Workout Recovery (PWR) Treats! 

After discovering the easy, delicious and healthy recipes in the Dessert Angel’s Heavenly Recipe Guide and the simple, practical tips inside the Guide to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off, you’ll finally unlock the secret to having your cake and losing weight too.

You don’t have to waste hours and hours researching and trying out recipes that may or may not help you lose fat.

You can get all of these decadent recipes and smart strategies that are guaranteed to be yummy and help you lose fat today for only: