Hi there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Helen but in these parts I’m known as “The Dessert Angel”.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I’m a physiotherapist by trade and right now, our family consists of my hubby and I, our beautiful baby girl and our dog Chico.

I’ve created this blog because it’s my desire to help you enjoy yummy treats WITHOUT feeling guilty about indulging or harming your health.

I’ve never been able to stick to typical diets because I find them too restrictive, and possibly because I love chocolate too much. 😛

That’s why I first started experimenting with creating healthy versions of my favourite treats when my wedding was coming up – because while I wanted to look my best, I wasn’t about to give up chocolate!

And I found I had a love for coming up with new recipes that I could freely enjoy whenever I wanted.

For example, when I bake my Belly Fat Burning Brownies, I often eat them for breakfast for a couple of days.

But don’t be alarmed, once you see the recipe, you’ll realize how healthy they are.
So that’s it for my little intro.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear some feedback from you about how you liked my recipes!

Helen aka The Dessert Angel