Baking with Almond Flour (Your Common Questions Answered)

Have you tried baking with almond flour yet?

If you’re familiar with The Dessert Angel’s desserts, you’ll know that almond flour is one of my go-to flours when baking. It is really easy to work with, tastes great, and gives baked goods a nice texture. I use it to replace white flour or all-purpose flour to make desserts more nutritious and grain-free.

Baking with almond flour (your questions answered) by #almondflour #healthybaking
I get a lot of questions from those that have not baked with almond flour before. So I wanted to address these common questions:

Can I use almond flour to substitute for other flours? What ratio?

I would not recommend substituting almond flour for grain-based flour in a 1:1 ratio. This is because almond flour absorbs liquid differently than most other flours and you’ll likely get a soggy baked good if you do a straight substitution.

When testing recipes out, I have had great success with substituting some white/all-purpose flour with almond flour. It really depends on how much flour the recipe calls for and it’s hard to say exactly what ratio, but I’ve had success substituting up to ½ of all-purpose flour or white flour with almond flour before (in a 1:1 ratio). The other 1/2 you can try using whole wheat or gluten-free flour if you want to stay away from all-purpose/white flour.

Can I use any type of almond flour?

Depending on the brand, you can get “fine ground” or a more “coarse ground”. Some brands such as Bob’s Red Mill may say “fine ground” on the package, but I find that their flour is still much coarser grind than the almond flours that I like to work with.

Using a coarser grind almond flour can result in the baked goods having an overly grainy or oily and flat finish. My recipes use a true “fine ground” blanched almond flour, and I find this to give the best results with regards to volume, texture, and taste.

I highly recommend trying a true “fine ground” blanched almond flour. Some people have expressed that they don’t mind the coarser grind, and on occasion for a quick dessert I don’t mind using the coarser grind either (it’s usually cheaper and can be found easier at bulk stores), but for a decadent dessert that I want to ensure turns out well, I make sure I use the fine ground type.

Where do I get this “fine ground” almond flour?

The best is to buy it in bulk so there’s always some on hand. You can get it online or even in your local grocery store. Online is usually cheaper. Bulk stores will carry it too, but usually they carry the coarse ground type.

Honeyville is a popular true “fine ground” blanched almond flour. They are certified gluten-free and do not use chemicals in the blanching process. It’s a fairly good value for your price, compared to stores. (Last I checked, they don’t ship to Canadians sadly, so I bring it back from the States when traveling). also offers a certified gluten-free almond flour and they also carry regular and organic versions of almond flour.

In the stores, I have found that my local grocery store carries the finest and best almond flour I can find without making an order online. It is just the store brand, and it is more expensive than buying at a bulk store, but I stock up when it goes on sale. For my Canadian friends, it’s the No Name brand from Loblaws!

To put these tips into practice, here’s my favourite Banana Bread recipe:

Healthy and Delicious Banana Bread Recipe by #almondflour #bananabread @dessertangelEasy Peasy Banana Bread

Also, stay tuned for a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that I’m working on that uses almond flour. It’ll be a good one to test out your new bag of “fine ground” almond flour, so be sure to have some ready for next week!

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