Cachapas: A Healthy, Exotic Treat

makes 6 delicious pancakes!

Earlier this year, my husband and I visited the island of Aruba. Aruba is truly breathtaking – from the beaches, to the landscape, to the Dutch architecture – we loved it all!

When we travel, we like to stay away from hotel restaurants in favor of local joints where we can have a taste of authentic, local food. This is usually a cheaper alternative as well. We are pretty experimental when it comes to dining out. We often order things off the menu that we’ve never heard of before or can even pronounce – we probably make a big fool of ourselves in the process! It’s fun to take a taste test of an unknown plate and guess what it is or what it’s made of.

One of the foods we discovered while in Aruba was called cachapas. We had a chance to try this dish when we stopped by a little road side stand that was owned by a Colombian couple. We had no idea what cachapas were and there was a communication barrier, so we just picked a couple of things that sounded interesting on the menu.

Cachapas: A Healthy, Exotic Treat by

We found out that cachapas are corn-based wraps kind of like crepes that are usually filled with cheese or meat. The particular cachapa we ordered was filled with chicken. Traditionally, cachapas are eaten savory style like this, but since the cachapa itself was pretty sweet, I thought I would re-create this dish into a dessert dish – like a dessert crepe!

So when we got home, I looked up a recipe and modified it to be healthier than the traditional recipe. Cachapas are originally from Venezuela, but I guess that many South American cultures have some version of it. It turned out great and I’d love you to try it out.

Here’s the recipe and feel free to leave some feedback on my Facebook page. I'd love to hear your comments!


• 2 1/4 cups canned corn, drained and rinsed
• 1/2 cup cornmeal
• 1 tbsp arrowroot
• 1/3 cup coconut, almond, or soy milk
• Pinch of sea salt
• 1-2 tbsp honey or 2 pinches stevia (optional for sweeter taste)


1. Combine all ingredients into food processor and process until you get a thick batter (it will be thicker than pancake batter and will not be as smooth – some lumps are okay)

2. Set pan on low heat and coat with butter or coconut oil

3. Drop a couple of spoonfuls of batter onto the pan and spread thin using the edge of a spatula to create 3 inch rounds

4. Heat for about 2 minutes on each side until lightly browned

5. Serve immediately with toppings such as berries, natural nut butters, shredded coconut, healthy jams, cocoa, cinnamon – use your imagination!

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