78 Healthy Fat
Burning Desserts!

Here are some stats about the 78 healthy dessert recipes included in the Heavenly Recipes Guide:

  • 62 are gluten-free
  • 32 are low carb (less than 12 grams of NET carbs per serving)
  • 30 are paleo
  • 38 are vegan (no eggs or dairy)
  • 29 are nut-free (in this count, coconut is not considered a nut)

Perhaps most important is what you won’t get in the Dessert Angel Recipes:


And finally for your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of ALL of the recipes included (try not to drool on your keyboard):

15 Healthy and Yummy Cookie Recipes
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Mouth watering yet? 🙂

If not, maybe these will help:

Itty Bitty Bite Recipes

Itty Bitty Bites

Mousse, Puddings and Ice Cream

Mousse, Puddings and Ice Cream

Cakes and Pies

Cakes and Pies


“I’m More Aware Of What Healthier Desserts Really Are”

I tried a lot of recipe from the book and i was amazed with the taste, so was my husband! Of course, the kidos were skeptical, but they did like the heart shaped cookies and the fabulous chocolate cream pie (well the crust at least!) i am a chocoholic and i have a big sweet tooth, but with these recipe, i’m learning to set aside those sin ingredient and i’m more aware to what to look for when I want to cook healthier dessert (and i started to tweaked the recipe that i already have, and it’s working pretty well so far, unbeilivable what they call healthy and it’s really not!). it would be awesome to expand my choice of healthy dessert for the whole family! thanks dessert angel for the marvelous recipe.

Melanie J
Dieppe, New Brunswick

Donuts, Breads and Muffins

Donuts, Breads and Muffins

I love baking breads and muffins as much for the SMELL as the taste. 

What do you think?

Toppings and Crusts

Toppings and Crusts

Hot Drinks and Cold Shakes


And last but not least, my FAVOURITE category:

Bars and Squares

Bars and Squares

“The Brownies Were To DIE For”

Hello Helen,

I tried the black bean brownies and the post workout banana muffins on Sunday and aside from a slight overflow of the muffins in my oven, (my mistake) I am so impressed with your recipes!


My daughter is gluten intolerant so she has inspired me to try different approaches to food. Your recipes are amazing, the brownies were to die for and not a hint of bean taste! I frosted them with your yummy chocolate topping and I have to say, blows all those high sugar desserts out of the water. I am very pleased with my purchase and will definitely encourage my friends to check out your link. Love the fact you’re Canadian too.

Thanks for making my sweet tooth more healthy.

Hélène Bourget
Vancouver, Canada

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“But What If I Don’t Love The Desserts?”

If, after taking a bite out of a Dessert Angel recipe, you don’t struggle to keep crumbs from spilling out of your mouth because of the involuntary smile that will occur knowing you can satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your diet, send me an email and you’ll receive a full, 100% percent money-back refund of every penny you paid.

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I’m doing this because I want to remove any and all barriers that might stop you from discovering these delicious, simple and slimming recipes so you can give it a full taste test with no risk.

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