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Thanks for checking out my NEW Cookbook! I’m super excited to be able to offer this to you. I personally love looking at it sitting on my counter and it really does make whipping up the recipes a real treat.

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There you have 5 great reasons (plus 1 bonus) to get the book… But what do others think?

“I Love Seeing My 2 1/2 Year Old Fussy Twins Eating These Treats”

Hi Helen, Of course I’m enjoying the Dessert Angel desserts for myself, but I really REALLY love seeing my 2 1/2 year old fussy eater twins chomping on brownies without realizing there are BEANS in there. They don’t like beans. They don’t like much of anything with protein in it. They do like your brownies! Michelle

Surprised My Hubby And Church Group That They Were Healthy”

I made the brownies while my hubby worked hard on the yard. I did this so he would not see me putting the good ingredients in the mix. lol They were all baked and ready to try when he came in from being out working. He looked surprised that I made sweets since that was off my list for several years now. When I encouraged him to eat one he really looked surprised, baffled. He thought they were yummy and ate, I must say, two or was it three. So, they past with flying colors so I took it to our home group from church. I did tell a couple of ladies that they were made from black beans and no flour. Shocked as they continued to eat and then sheepishly took seconds. Nice! Love the book. Melinda

Easy And Amazing”

These receipes were amazing! They were easy to make & I loved thes fact that all nutritional information was there in black & white plus as I’m gluten intokerant & lactose intolerant I had a number of receipes to choose from, thank you. Mel Caporn Australia

“Choclatey Treats That Don’t Make Me Feel Guilty

Hi Helen, my whole family love their desserts. I was sent the brownies recipe by email and thought I’d give them a go. I had to sneak into the kitchen and make them without my children seeing what was in them Because they look so chocolatey they didn’t even question what was in them. Well, they’re a hit and and at last I have a beautiful tasty, chocolatey treat that doesn’t make me feel guilty when giving it to them. I can’t wait to get stuck into your other recipes to see how my kids like them (especially your chocolate pie). I’ve been looking for sugar free recipes for muffins etc, so your recipe collection has come at a great time. Thank you! Michelle Masters

“I Found My Picky Daughter Secretly Sneaking Your Chocolate Cake”

The biggest critic – when it comes to food- is my little daughter, who is very picky and fuzzy – quite the opposite to my lovely hubby, who always tells me how great my food taste (even if it doesnt). But the one thing they have in common: both LOVE dessert. When I started trying your recipes I didnt tell anyone about the ingredients as I just wanted to see what they have to say first. So I was making little batches of the cookies in your recipes book- they both really liked it! When I made the ice cream – they both loved it! And when I baked the chocolate cake they both were standing in front of the oven, asking every few minutes, “Is it ready yet?” When we’d finally cut the cake to try it – it was an absolute HIT! They ate the whole thing until there was only one piece left, so I put it aside for later. Unfortunately later (when I sneaked back to have it myself) it was gone! This night, when I put my daughter to bed and kissed her good night, I noticed her secretly chewing something – when I lifted her pillow up – there was the missing piece of chocolade cake! It made me laugh and very happy to see, that we all love your food and the interesting thing is, my daughter prefers your dessert then any other sweets – she would take a few bites but then put the cookies down, while she always finishes the desserts I am making from your recipe books! Thank you! Claudia Domrose


I have only 50 copies available, so please order quickly to avoid disappointment as over 4,000 people are receiving this email! I can’t wait to get this new cookbook into your kitchen! Here’s to baking yummy AND healthy desserts!



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