It’s Time to get EXOTIC

Wouldn’t you love to win something?

Especially something EXOTIC?

Just think – exotic vacations to places like Fiji, or exotic shopping sprees in Paris… Oh yes, that’d be grand.

Well, you’ve got the chance to do just that. OK, sure, it’s not on the same level, but you can still win something EXOTIC. Keep reading…

After the little trip to Aruba, it got me thinking about the possibilities of all of the delicious desserts from around the world…

I started searching around and while I found a lot of yummy looking treats, the sneaky little “Dessert Devil” was definitely at work before me. SINgredients abounded: white sugar, white flour, shortening – you name it. Traditional desserts had been tainted!

So I knew I had to get to work in the “lab”, just like I did for the original Heavenly Recipes collection to undo all of the Dessert Devil’s sugar-filled trickery.

It took me a few months, but I’m almost ready to release the next instalment of healthy dessert recipes for the enjoyment of your taste buds, not to mention your waist line.

Introducing (drum roll please)…Β 

(Click the 1st image above to start slideshow)

I found 31 dessert favourites from each continent (except antarctica – I’m still looking) and applied my “heavenly touch” to make sure they’re not only delicious but also healthy.

You’ll love the different ingredients, textures and most importantly TASTES of these desserts.

If you want to treat yourself to some totally new flavours, now’s your chance.

And I want to give YOU a chance to win a copy for FREE…

I’m going to run a little contest and giveaway 3 copies of my new Exotic Desserts collection when it launches Monday.

Here’s How to Win:

1. Share a short story (no more than 250 words) on your experiences with my original Heavenly Desserts collection. I’ve posted a sample Β in the Comments section that you might remember from an email I sent out.


2. Share a funny food or dog related story that will make my belly hurt. Bonus points for combining the two. I’m always up for a laugh. πŸ™‚

Either one you choose, be sure to leave your first and last name and city.

Contest closes Sunday at 4pm EST, giving you:

Let’s have at it – I look forward to reading (and perhaps chuckling at) your entries!

[The contest is now closed]

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  1. The Dessert Angel
    9 years ago

    Here’s an email I posted before that is a perfect example of a good entry:


    β€œI had a fabulous Mother’s Day as I passed around my pan of bean based brownies to my large food loving family. Unfortunately, many of them are overweight and have food related disease. Our family get togethers are all about heavy, unhealthy foods β€” desserts on the top of the list. Skeptically each person took a small serving and all were positively surprised! There were many smiles and favorable words of praise. I look forward to surprising them in the future. Thank you. I have never baked for health reasons and I think you just opened the doors for my family. ”

    Tammy Knutz
    Minnville, Oregon


    Tammy has her entry in, now let’s have yours!


    Waheeda Reply:

    After I bought the recipe book I was totally amazed by the type of amazing dessert with healthy ingredients. My main problems is that I can’t leave dessert behind in order to get my dream body. So Dessert Angel to the rescueee!!!!…the first recipe was banana muffin with cottage cheese and i was baking it secretly since nobody in the house is a fan of cottage cheese. So, while it’s baked everybody can smell the delicious banana aroma and can’t wait to dig in. It only took them less than 30 minuits to finish everything. LOL!!! by the end of the day I revealed the SINgredient and my husband was just can’t believed that he is actually eating cottage cheese :). now the muffin was the most sought after in my family. I had tried many recipe and everyone luv it!!!!!.


  2. Kylee
    9 years ago

    I have a close friend who is a very emotional eater. We had not seen each other for a while and she contacted me a while back to start training because she worked 3 jobs and only knew 1 crazy person who exercised in abnormal hours ( Me ) lol.
    We started training which lifted her mood and her self confidence.
    I also inspired her to start eating healthier we traded recipes all the time and searching on line for healthy dessert recipes.
    When I came across Dessert Angel I knew I had struck jackpot.
    I made a few recipes for her including the Belly Fat Burning Brownies and Pumpkin Mousse Trifle.
    We now have cooking days once a fortnight making Dessert Angel Recipes and catching up
    So thank you Dessert Angel for getting our eating and friendship back on track
    Kyle Celik
    Mildura Australia


  3. Denise
    9 years ago

    I just started making some of the treats in my Dessert Angel book. I made “Sexy in White” Cookies, Super Seed Truffles and the Simple Delicious Protein Bars. I set my fresh-from-the-oven cookies on the counter-top to cool and was in the middle of forming my bars when my husband came in to sample. He tried the cookies first and if only I had a camera for the look of horror on his face. LOL! Apparently, I didn’t put enough of a pinch so they tasted more like dark chocolate with high intensity than anything. He quickly took some of my Protein Bar “batter” and said “There! That’s better!” Of course, in between, he called my daughter over to sample the Cookies to which she spit it out right away. Can you tell we have incredibly sweet teeth in our home? Personally, I don’t mind the cookies the way they are right now and I am the only one eating them. Next time (and there will be a next time) I’ll put a couple bigger pinches in and convince them to give them one more try. πŸ™‚


  4. karen arnold
    9 years ago

    I have made the Banana bread and I have enjoyed. My husband thought it was really scrumptious.
    I have made a zuccini muffins which we had gone to a farmer/s Market and we used it to make a good dessert mjuffin.


  5. Teresa Chipman
    9 years ago

    A few years ago my sister and I were discussing health and food. She had gained a significant amount of weight and we were talking about blood pressure and diet, specifically salt. One of the older children said, “Why is salt bad for you?” and my younger one who was about four said, “Can’t you see?” and looks at my sister, “It makes you fat!” We couldn’t help but laugh. We have both lost a lot of weight since then Looking forward to keeping it off with your deserts.
    Teresa Chipman
    Preston, ID


  6. Greg Lewis
    9 years ago

    I have been aware for a long time, of how bad sweets are for you. Having been unsuccessful in my attempts to cut them out of my life, until recently when I started Yuri Elkaim’s online Super Nutrition Academy. This academy has added so much to my ability to eat right and put good things in my body because I know that if I feed my body bad things, it may not show up now, but years down the line I will pay a big price for it. That is why I am so excited about these healthy desert recipes. Now I can eat sweets, and know that I am not doing bad things to my body. On a side note, Yuri talks about the incredible benefits of using Xylitol as a sugar substitute because it aids in preventing tooth decay, cavities, and osteoporosis. It also is not absorbed into the body like sugar and does not contribute to high blood sugar levels. I would love to see how Desert Angel Recipes can use this sugar substitute in place of things already in the recipes. Can you tell I am excited about this alternative to all the unhealthy sweeteners out there?


  7. Melanie J
    9 years ago

    I tried a lot of recipe from the book and i was amazed with the taste, so was my husband! of course, the kidos were spectical, but they did like the heart shaped cookies and the fabulous chocolate cream pie (well the crust at least!) i am a chocoholic and i have a big sweet thoot, but with these recipe, i’m learning to set aside those sin ingredient and i’m more aware to what to look for when I want to cook healthier dessert (and i started to tweaked the recipe that i already have, and it’s working pretty well so far, unbeilivable what they call healthy and it’s really not!). it would be aswesome to expand my choice of healthy dessert for the whole family!
    thanks dessert angel for the marvelous recipe
    Dieppe, New Brunswick


  8. Lynne M Veilleux
    9 years ago

    One of the dessert recipes I tried from your Heavenly Desserts was the chocolate pudding with Guinness. My husband was very curious about trying this. I also told him he would have to make a big effort and drink the rest of the beer (took one for the team). Let’s just say we both loved it. Highly recommended.

    I must say I am very curious about one of the pictures from your Exotic Edition recipes for Canada – USA – Hawaii. That desert looks like a dessert I tried when I was in Jamaica called an Imperial cup. I gotta have this recipe. Look forward to trying it.

    Keep up the good work.


  9. Michelle Masters
    9 years ago

    Hi Helen, my whole family love their desserts. I was sent the brownies recipe by email and thought I’d give them a go. I had to sneak into the kitchen and make them without my children seeing what was in them Because they look so chocolatey they didn’t even question what was in them. Well, they’re a hit and and at last I have a beautiful tasty, chocolatey treat that doesn’t make me feel guilty when giving it to them. I can’t wait to get stuck into your other recipes to see how my kids like them (especially your chocolate pie). I’ve been looking for sugar free recipes for muffins etc, so your recipe collection has come at a great time. Thank you, Michelle


  10. Mike
    9 years ago

    It is an understatement to say that my wife has a sweet tooth. Background: She is a fitness competitor and has to be on a strict diet for her “prep to competition day” which lasts a gruelling 3 months. The last time she competed in 2010 she came off her diet and binged so bad that she gained 35 pounds in a month and half. She said she could literally feel her skin stretching like the incredible hulk! To make a long story short, after the latest competition I made her the ‘Belly Fat Burning Brownies’ and the ‘Reese’s Doughnut Holes’ and she LOVED them. It has been just over a month and she has been able to keep her weight down where it needs to be by eating your confections on her cheat days. Thank you, Dessert Angel, for saving our fitness lifestyle! πŸ™‚


  11. Michelle
    9 years ago

    Hi Helen,

    Of course I’m enjoying the Dessert Angel desserts for myself, but I really REALLY like seeing my 2 1/2 year old fussy eater twins chomping on brownies without realizing there are BEANS in there. They don’t like beans. They don’t like much of anything with protein in it. They do like your brownies!

    Thanks Helen!


    Marie Reply:

    I think I might have to modify what a ‘pinch’ of stevia is. How much did you use? I found I could really taste the black beans. Maybe some more stevia would help. Now the banana cashew muffins on the other hand – they were a huge hit! My 21 year old son came by and had one and said he thinks he needs another one for the road. He couldn’t believe there was no flour, no sugar, no additives — all healthy! And my family loved the chocoroons too! Amazing! Can’t wait to try another recipe! My weight problem always stems from my sweet tooth and sugar cravings. I am looking forward to seeing how all of these recipes will help me with that! Thanks Desert Angel!


  12. Melinda
    9 years ago

    I made the brownies while my hubby worked hard on the yard. I did this so he would not see me putting the good ingredients in the mix. lol
    They were all baked and ready to try when he came in from being out working.
    He looked surprised that I made sweets since that was off my list for several years now.
    When I encouraged him to eat one he really looked surprised, baffled.
    He thought they were yummy and ate, I must say, two or was it three.
    So, they past with flying colors so I took it to our home group from church.
    I did tell a couple of ladies that they were made from black beans and no flour. Shocked as they continued to eat and then sheepishly took seconds.
    Nice! Love the book. I even have tried putting coconut palm sugar in some of the recipes. yes, sugar but not so bad as white sugar. πŸ™‚


  13. Claudia
    9 years ago

    The biggest critic- when it comes to food- is my little daughter, which is very picky and fuzzy- quite the opposite to my lovely hubby, which always tells me how great my food taste (even if it doesnt). But the one thing they have in common; both LOVE dessert. When I started trying your recipes I didnt tell anyone about the ingredients as I just wanted to see what they have to say first. So I was making little batches of the cookies in your recipes book- they both really liked it! when I made the ice cream- they both loved it! And when I baked the chocolade cake they both were standing in front of the oven, asking every few minutes; is it ready yet? when we’d finally cut the cake to try it- it was an absolute HIT! they ate the whole thing- until there was only one piece left, so I put it aside for later. Unfortunately later (when I sneaked back to have it myself) it was gone! This night, when I put my daughter to bed and kissed her good night, I noticed her secretly chewing something- when I lifted her pillow up- there was the missing piece of chocolade cake! It made me laugh and very happy to see, that we all love your food and the interesting thing is, my daughter prefers your dessert then any other sweets- she would take a few bites but then put the cookies down, while she always finishes the desserts I am making from your recipes books! Thank you πŸ™‚


  14. A big thank you for your delicious recipes.
    My clients and myself are always looking for that special treat that doesn’t undo everything we have been training for .
    A naughty but nice as In delicious treats that are quick and simple to make and put a smile on our families faces without knowing how healthy they are compared to the sugary rubbish out there these day that everyone is hooked on .
    Sugar is poison so if u can substitute the killing drug with something that tastes great and is good for you all the better .
    Even my two cute puppies line up on either side of my lap hoping to score a crumb .


  15. Lesley Hurst Payne
    9 years ago

    While in the process of changing to a vegetarian diet, (not because I don’t like meat and fish, but as a protest against the intolerable cruelty associated with the industrial treatment of animals), I find your recipes a great help when I feel the need for a ‘treat’ to make up for some food-satisfaction that’s missing.
    Funny animal story? One day my son held up a cold sausage left over from dinner shoulder high (he’s 6′ 2”) and said: ‘Anyone want this last sausage or can I eat it?’ Our dog didn’t need asking twice, she leaped into action and left him standing empty-handed.


  16. Ronald
    9 years ago

    Speical thanks to dessert angle recipes just have started making some of your recipes all sound very enjoyable.Good too see that someone knows what foods are healthy for you.The hardest thing a person has to do is change the food that we put into our body’s.Thanks to Yuri Elkaim that I found dessert angle recipes.


  17. Glenda
    9 years ago

    I have dentures. They were a birthday gift. They have given me more than just a nice smile; They have made me fall over laughing.

    Picture this: One time I was sitting on the couch with my cat, Max, on my lap. I sneezed really hard. My upper teeth flew out of my mouth , hit the cat in the butt. The cat flew off my lap to the left and my dentures flew off to the right. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get the recliner seat back down to retrieve them.

    This week while shopping for the ingredients to make the Marvelous Mocha Mousse, I sneezed hard at the grocery store. My teeth went flying and clattered on the store floor in front of two ladies who were arguing. They were so involved with their debate they didn’t even notice! I quickly retrieved them and my husband and I went to another aisle to laugh.

    I hope this made you smile.


  18. Melanie Caporn
    9 years ago

    These receipes were amazing! They were easy to make & I loved thes fact that all nutritional information was there in black & white plus as I’m gluten intokerant & lactose intolerant I had a number of receipes to choose from, thank you.
    I’m so delighted that you have another book coming out & I can’t wait…YAY!!!!!

    Mel πŸ™‚


  19. Kylee
    9 years ago

    Wow thank you so much I am honored and can’t wait to try the new recipes with my friend πŸ™‚


  20. Claudia
    9 years ago

    Oh my gosh! Thats such a nice surprise- it surely wasnt an easy decision to make which story would win – as their all nice and heartwarming! But thank
    you so much, that really made my day today πŸ™‚


  21. karen buvoltz
    9 years ago

    foods that taste good and are healthy and are deserts are awesomje – my dad love’s dessert and so does my mom so it’s important I can fix healthy ones we all love. The bean bownies sounded strange but were great!


  22. Bagus
    6 years ago

    I have 5 lovely celdirhn the last born on the 17th of December, 2010. I have never really bought myself anything for maternity or breastfeeding just making do with clothes i had or secondhand purchases or hand me downs. I stumbled onto your website via Aust Breastfeeding Assoc. and bought some maternity dresses whilst I was pregnant. The comments i got really boosted my self esteem and mad me happy I’d bought them they were so comfy. I then purchased some breastfeeding tops & singlet and have worn these nearly everyday. Once again they’re super comfy. I had friends ask me did the sizing fit as its often hard to buy something online only to find they dont fir but i have had absolutely no trouble at all. I love your products and opnly wish I’d made purchases earlier with my other pregnancies and new bubs. I tell everyone about you especially as i live in a rural area and cannot and do not have the time to go shopping by foot. Thankyou once again!!! Rach