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You know that eating right is one part of getting the body you want…

The other part is EXERCISE.

If you’re looking for an exercise routine that will help you get a strong, toned body, I’ve got a very special offer for you…

I convinced my husband Eric, who has been a Personal Trainer since 2000 and now works with professional athletes, to put together an exercise program for you that:

  • Will  help you burn fat and tone up, but not big and bulky
  • Is short and effective (workouts are only 20 minutes long)
  • Can be done by anyone, regardless of your current level of fitness
  • You can do in the comfort of your own home without any equipment

He’s really busy, but he agreed (I bribed him with the Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe on page 50, it’s his favourite) and here’s what he’s created for you:

[jwplayer config=”640×360 controls” mediaid=”868″]

The Bodyfat Burn Home Exercise Program

There are 3 components to the program:

Component #1: 3 Fat Burning Metabolic Bodyweight Workouts

3 unique 20 minute workouts that target the whole body and get your metabolism fired up to burn fat using standard bodyweight exercises and unique moves you’ve never seen before. Every exercise includes variations for both beginners and advanced exercisers alike. These short and effective bodyweight workouts are the answer to anyone crunched for time who wants to lose fat and tone up.


Component #2: 10 Minutes to a Tighter Tummy

Guaranteed to tighten your waist through the use of specific core stabilization exercises. These exercises will strengthen your abdominals, obliques and lower back muscles to shrink your midsection and help keep your back healthy and pain-free.



Component #3: Loose and Limber in 10 Minutes

A full-body stretching routine that you can perform after your workouts or anytime you want to feel loose and limber. Every muscle in your body is stretched through various stretches and postures. You’ll feel looser, lighter and younger after this quick routine.


Included is over 40 minutes of  instructional and follow-along workout videos that will help you tighten and tone your whole body. You’ll get instant access after you accept this special one-time offer. 

This program is only available to new Dessert Angel’s like yourself and you can only get it right now for the low price of only $9.95. 

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