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Thanks so much for grabbing my new Healthy EXOTIC Desserts Collection!

I can’t wait for you to try the recipes.

Now, I’ve got one last thing to talk to you about before you get to your downloads.

In my day-job practice as a Physiotherapist, I’ve been seeing more and more neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches related to POOR POSTURE.

Not only that…

Since you’re here on the computer right now, poor posture might be creeping its way into your life, too. And if you work at a desk or drive a lot, it’s creeping in a lot faster than you may think.

Unfortunately, the common solution is simply to “stand up straight” everytime you remember that you’re slouching. But this won’t work and your poor posture will only continue to get worse, because it’s impossible to pay attention to your posture every minute of the day. You just can’t do it.

That’s why I asked my hubby to help me put together a simple program that you can do at home that takes no more than 10 minutes per day.

We call it the “10 Minutes to Picture Perfect Posture” program. We’re super creative, I know. 😛

If you want to prevent poor posture that naturally comes with age and that’s accelerated by our modern lifestyles, this program is a quick and easy solution – as long as you have 10 minutes per day to commit.

The right stretches.

The right exercises.

There’s a big need for this program and we could add a lot of “fluff” to it to charge more, but we’d rather not overload you and give you only what you need to steer clear of the problems associated with poor posture.

And as a loyal Dessert Angel customer, we want to give it to you for only $9.95!

It’s tough to find a decent meal for that, but right now you’ll feel the positive benefits of standing tall and proud, look better in pictures and prevent problems like neck pain and headaches in only 10 minutes per day.

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