Your Affiliate Link

All of the affiliate commissions are handled by Clickbank.

It’s free to register and Clickbank is one of the internet’s biggest and most trusted affiliate programs and the provider I trust with my business. Some important things to note are:

  • They have NEVER missed an affiliate payout, paying on-time every 2 weeks
  • They track your customers for 60 days, so if someone clicks on your link and buys a program 60 days later, you will earn the commissions
  • They handle all transactions on their servers so you and I don’t have to deal with any sensitive data storage

These points among many others make Clickbank the most trusted affiliate program online, for vendors, affiliates AND customers and are the reasons why I’ve chosen to work with them.

STEP 1 – Signup for your FREE Clickbank Account

If you don’t yet have a Clickbank account, CLICK HERE to go there and register. It’s only takes 2 minutes to register and is 100% free.

The link will open in a new window and when you’ve registered your account, you can come back here and proceed to Step 2 to start earning commissions.

Make sure you write down your Account Name as that’s what you’ll use in Step 2 to track your links.

STEP 2 – Create Your Affiliate Link (aka Hoplink)

Now you need to create your special affiliate link.

Just cut and past the link below and send it out to your prospects or post it on your blog and you’ll start earning commissions:
[Replace XXXXX with your Clickbank Account Nickname ]

So if your Clickbank account nickname is “jenny41” then your affiliate link would be:

Affiliate Marketing Terms and Definitions

Here are some common terms that you might not know that often get used in affiliate marketing:

AFFILIATE – someone who promotes programs and products and earns commissions (that’s you)

VENDOR – someone who creates programs and products for sale to the general public (that’s me)

COMMISSIONS – the money you earn because someone clicked on your link and purchased a program

AFFILIATE ID – your unique username/code that tracks the people who click on your link

AFFILIATE LINK / HOPLINK – a link that has your affiliate ID embedded so that you earn commissions

PROSPECT – someone who clicks on your affiliate link

CLICKBANK – this is the name of the company that runs my affiliate program