Dessert Angel Banners

Banners are an easy way to makes sales.

“Brownies That Burn Fat” Banners

220w x 600h

175w x 477h


90w x 728h

(You can Right Click on any of the above images and choose ‘Save As’ to save the image to your computer)

This is a Magazine style banner that can be read in under 3 seconds and the clean yet ‘amateur’ design commands the eye’s attention. Also, choice of the yellow/orange CTA button stands out nicely from the white/black/red font colour scheme.

Will blend in to sites/blogs that have a lot of white space, or it will stand out like a sore thumb on a dark template. However, either will drive  a high # of clicks to a proven sales page that will convert for you.


Below is HTML code you can use to place each banner on your site.

Make sure you replace “XXXXXX” with your Clickbank account nickname.

This code will send visitors directly to the specific “Fat Burning Brownies” landing page  (published soon, link directs to main page now), increasing relevance of ad to landing page  thus increasing your conversions. Your link will be tracked just like normal.